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Thomas Travers

About Me...

Aspiring computer science student at Grantham University. Eager to learn, and ready to dive into any project. I love taking a mathematical approach to solving real world computer science challenges. I have become proficient in many programming languages already, even mastered a few.

Computer languages studied at Grantham so far...
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • C#

About this site

This site was designed for my final project in IS301 at Grantham University. All borrowed images are cited under the sources link with links to the direct source. Any remaining images are copyright to me and released here under my own free will. Since this is for a class assignment, I have not chosen any license for the page. I am a big fan of open source so if I were to include a license on the page, I would choose an open source license of one of the following types depending on the sensitivity of content... BSD, MIT, GPLv2, or GPLv3. BSD and MIT licensed content allows you to decline to share code if there is sensitive content. Since this is html and no code is "linked", you can mix and match as long as there isn't a distribution clause (like in GPLv3).

This site was designed as a multi use html template. You could use it for a shopping cart, you could use it for a product landing page, or even as a free software download page. The search bar is a functioning "web search" linked to Google search engine.

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